Scottsdale Weight Loss Surgery

The Gastric Band (Lap-Band), the Gastric Imbrication (Plication), and the Verticle Sleeve Gastrectomy (Gastric Sleeve) are weight loss surgeries intended to be tools to help you change your life. Weight loss operations should be treated as tools that help change your eating habits to not only lose weight, but to become healthy.

The LAP-BAND works by allowing you to eat less, and feel satisfied.  The Lap-band is easy to adjust, with a brief office visit. Plication is a reversible weight loss operation that involves folding the stomach in on itself. Like the Lap-Band, this operation can be easily reversed. Sleeve surgery removes 90% of the stomach. With all weight loss surgery, successful weight loss depends on using the tool properly, and learning to eat healthy, and with smaller portions.

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